Chairman & Keeper GB3CF Geoff Dover G4AFJ 
Secretary & Lens Editor VACANT
Treasurer and Membership Secretary Phil Taylor M0VSE
Engineering Manager & Keeper GB3GV, LE, UM Nigel Swann M1NAS
Assistant Engineering Manager Steve Norman 2E0WZV
Site Manager Bill Charlton M6BYL
Ordinary Members
Gordon Otter M1GPO
John Dilks M0CJW
Co-opted members:

Geoff Findon G3TQF beacon co-ordinator for: GB3LEF, GB3LES, GB3LEX, GB3LEU

In addition to the committee people you see above,

Mike G0ATR, GB2RS news reader.
GB2RS news can be heard via GB3CF on Sunday mornings at 9am.

And our thanks go to the members and friends, that assist us in the maintenance, and help run our services.