Cartoons by G3UCY

Ray Scarborough G3UCY drew many cartoons for inclusion in LENS as well as a few for the Newsletter of the VHF/UHF Group that was organised in Leicester in the 1970s. 

[Caravans] "That's the trouble with caravans, they take up all the damn road..."
[Handheld] "But when you passed the test you said it would only be a little hand-held..."
[little one] "When he said he was getting a new little one to hold in his hand,
I thought he meant one of his wireless things..."
[new LE] "and while we're at it, who's this beautiful new Ellie
you're always talking to on that damn thing?"
[opeful] "Well - my Uncle's a  G7 an' he reckons there are some people
who can do 12 words a minute - even without a computer"

"Real dyed-in-the-wool c.w. man, old Fred"

This picture also appeared in the Fist magazine, Keynote. For the preservation of morse code. The Dots and dashes above the tent is the letter 'z'. In the final publication, ZZzzzz were substituted for the morse. We wonder who Fred is and if he really snores in morse.

[no novice at!] "Well, I can tell you one thing he's not a novice at!"
[eye out for shorts] "It always pays to keep an eye open for shorts"
[The Clinch] "and we were in this clinch on the settee and things were warming up really lovely, then he had to go and talk to somebody called Charlie Fox on that blasted radio thing..."
[Duds] "He does like making his little wireless things, bless him, but he will
keep putting the duds under the bench!"
[dual bander] "Well, the original idea was to home-brew a little dual-bander....."
Noviceup "Mmm - Maybe we should have told the novices which bit goes up, and which bit comes down!"
g3ucy1 "Can't understand why he says you're fully quieting and I'm only scratchy in..."
g3ucy2 "It's those damn palefaces again, QRM'ing the band with their QRO rig"