GB3CF is a 2m multi-mode narrowband FM, C4FM (Yaesu Fusion), D-Star and NXDN phone repeater using channel RV48 (R0) with 12.5KHz spacing operated by the Leicestershire Repeater Group.

Network connectivity is available via the YSF network for C4FM and the ircDDB network providing access to the DCS reflectors for D-Star.

If you would like to help with the cost of running the GB3CF repeater, please click the donate button. 

Tx Frequency
Rx Frequency
Operational since
Diamond X300 Collinear
CTCSS C:77hz, C4FM
D-Star or NXDN (RAN 4)
Phil M0VSE
31st December 1978

2.5kHz maximum deviation required to use.

Operating greater than 2.5khz peak deviation may cause your signal to drop out of the repeater, and audio could sound distorted and breakthrough with other repeaters on 145.6125MHz

A brief introduction to the updated "digital" repeater is available to download here.


Accessing the Icom D-Star network using GB3CF

Before you can access the Icom 'REFxxx' reflector network, your call sign must be registered. Leicestershire Repeater Group are unable to provide this registration but Icom UK, have a form available that you can complete. All other reflectors, (FCS/XRF etc.) do not require registration.




+3 #3 admin 2018-05-01 09:37
In addition to C4FM (Fusion) we have now enabled D-Star and NXDN modes, as per the recently issued NoV.
#2 admin 2018-04-24 16:49
We are currently testing a new multi-mode repeater and have enabled Fusion (C4FM) only mode while we complete our testing
#1 admin 2016-11-04 21:29
We have discovered a fault with the new logic that controls the repeater so have disabled the C4FM Fusion function while we investigate the issue.