This is reproduced here from the website of Dave Cushman G8MZY

The first aerial used for testing and I believe, the first few weeks of actual operation, was a Cushcraft ringo ranger AR 430 that had been optimised for working on RB4.

The first 'permanent' aerial was set of four folded dipoles that were intended for 470 MHz operation, but had been set up by the manufacturer (I believe "J" Beam) with a phasing harness to make the device more suitable for RB4.

During the time that I was the project manager for 'LE... Corrosion and water ingress to the baluns caused a random wobble in impedance which in turn upset the cavity filters, necessitating almost daily visits to site to re-tweak. A good Samaritan came to the rescue (details of benefactor to go here) and donated a new set of four folded dipoles. When this new aerial was completed it was delivered to myself and I increased the waterproofing and the number of harness strapping points. It was installed by a working party on (date??).

My memory is far from perfect, corrections and additional details are welcome and are actively sought.

The GB3LE repeater has always been situated on the same site that the present machine is, at Markfield... a few miles north of Leicester itself.